We're excited to share our poetry collection with you. Please enjoy one of our many books while hanging out with us in the reading room. Our library is not a lending library, so you would be unable to check the book out, but we'd be happy to help you find a copy to purchase. 
While the catalog is pretty diverse in style and origin of authors, we're especially excited to share the work by poets from Northeast LÁ, Los Ángeles, and California, with an emphasis on Womxn and Writers of Color. And you can easily find a poem or two (or many more) in a number of languages that represent Los Ángeles. (We're currently awaiting some books in unified Braille format as well.)
Book Donations

If you would like to donate a favorite poetry book or one you wrote that you don't see in our catalog, please do contact us at info@alternativefield.com. We would be so grateful to add the book to our catalog if it fits! 
Please keep in mind that for the next couple of months we'll be entering our books into the system, so what you see in our catalog is only a portion of the books we actually have. If you have a donation, please email in advance of dropping off or ask us to pick it up. 
Thank You's

Thank you to Jen Hofer for donating the large collection of bilingual journals and anthologies that are slowly, but surely, making it to our shelves. And thank you to Wendy C Ortiz for the generous donation of bags of poetry books. This is how good things start, and we are so very grateful. 
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